A student of a Houston online language course goes to Mexico to experience the culture.

Practicing Spanish in Mexico

Embark on a linguistic adventure as we explore the immersive experience of practicing Spanish in Mexico! For Houston Spanish language learning enthusiasts seeking authentic cultural immersion, Mexico offers a vibrant tapestry of language-rich environments. In this article, we unveil the top destinations, tips, and insights for those eager to learn in Spanish language Houston style, providing valuable guidance for finding the perfect Houston Spanish class near me.

During the end of October and beginning of November, the festivities corresponding to the “Dia de Muertos” or “Day of the Dead” are held in Mexico. It’s around this time that a lot of people visit the different parts of Mexico to experience and take part in these festivities. Venturing through the streets of Mexico, students of Spoken Learning not only deepened their linguistic skills but also discovered a profound appreciation for the rich tapestry of traditions, history, and flavors that define Mexico.



 One of them was Alison Gabel, a 36-year-old therapist from Louisiana and a Spoken Learning student since early 2022. She has been taking online classes with one of our teachers, Víctor Cruz.

During the time of her stay in Mexico, we were able to meet with her so that she could share her experience, cultural immersion and the practice of her Spanish.


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Alison spent most of her time around the city of Puebla. She said that one of the main reasons why she wanted to learn Spanish was for her job. As part of her job, crisis intervention is needed not only with English-speaking people, but also with Spanish-speaking people. Often, they do not have the support of professionals who speak Spanish. This is very important to her and allows her to form a bond and intervene so they can receive adequate support. Also, she better understands the  culture of Mexico and  loves the beauty, history, and traditions of the people.


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In the beginning, she stated that taking classes online has greatly changed her perception of learning a language. She feels that her experience has been personalized and appropriate for her. The lessons have helped her to improve her Spanish. Consistency and practice are fundamental to achieving a good understanding of the language. Learning it with a native speaker also helps a person to lose his or her fear of speaking it and helps to correctly understand pronunciation and grammar.


-Coming to Mexico and being able to practice my Spanish with people who speak it as their mother language is the best way to implement what I already know and continue learning.-


Alison enjoyed the different activities and shows that took place during the Day of the Dead festivities. She learned a lot from talking and communicating with local people and learned about other customs and traditions of Mexico. She enjoyed the seasonal dishes, drinks, and appetizers that Puebla has to offer.


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Another student was able to participate in the Day of the Dead festivities at Oaxaca. Moumita Rahman, a 40-years-old lawyer originally from New York, arrived in the capital city. She, like Alison, has been taking Spanish classes at Spoken Learning for a year and a half with one of our teachers too, Dulce Ortiz.

Moumita toured different locations in the city and learned more about the culture of Mexico and the Day of the Dead festival.


Practicing English Eng 05


At first, she was apprehensive about speaking Spanish. But as the days went by, she gained more confidence in approaching people and asking for what she wanted or needed. She said that the flexibility in her classes has been the best thing in helping her to learn the language. Because of her work, it’s difficult for her to attend all of her classes, but she has adopted a schedule so learning from home has been satisfying because of the flexibility offered at Spoken Learning.

Moumita, being an immigration attorney in the United States, handles cases from many parts of the world. Her clients want to fix their immigration status and many of them are immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries. She is able to approach and talk to her clients in a more personal way, and this is a determining factor in gaining the trust and faith of her clients.


Practicing English Eng 06


-Coming to Oaxaca has been a very enriching experience to improve my Spanish-.

In addition to practicing the language, Moumita enjoyed the attractions that Oaxaca offers. She visited the places where mezcal is produced, took walks through the alleys of the city, ate typical food of the region, and even prepared tamales. She believes it was a unique experience.


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It’s clear that when people learn a new language, they have a desire to implement it so they can communicate with more people, and in doing this, they can feel satisfaction and joy. Experiencing the culture and traditions of people from other countries can be an enriching experience that compliments our knowledge and shapes our personality.

To our students, thank you for giving yourself the opportunity to come to Mexico. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the culture and the opportunity to practice what you have learned. We hope you will join us again for a new journey to discover more that Mexico and the Spanish language have to offer.

Embarking on a journey to learn Spanish opens doors to new cultures, enriches personal experiences, and fosters meaningful connections. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant festivities of Mexico's Day of the Dead or simply eager to broaden your linguistic horizons, our online Spanish language classes at Spoken Learning offer tailored experiences that prioritize flexibility and personalized learning. Don't miss out on the opportunity to embark on your own language-learning adventure, sign up for a Houston spanish course near me.

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