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Our Founder

Hi, I’m Mildred!

Founder & CEO of Spoken Learning. I’m happy to see you here!
Learning Spanish could bring you job opportunities, help you to exercise your mind and communicate better when traveling.

My team and I want you to learn Spanish in an easy, entertaining and engaging way.

Mildred V.

Meet Our Team

We believe that only a great team who truly love their job, can achieve great things. Here we are!

MildredCEO & Founder
JessicaGeneral Manager
AuraMiddle Manager

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At Spoken Learning, we open new doors to opportunity through one-on-one online Spanish courses with a win-win culture and dedicated native-speaking teachers. Our classes are tailored to your needs, adjusting to match your learning style and providing instant personalized feedback to track your progress. Learn, grow, and enrich your life today!