Celebration of Independence Day in Mexico

Independence Day in Mexico

Mexico, like other countries in the world, has a day that celebrates its independence. It occurs on September 16th. In 1810, there was an uprising by the indigenous and mestizo population against the Creoles, Spaniards and the viceroy put a stop to the different injustices that were committed at the time. Every year and throughout Mexico, this feat is remembered in a very special way.

independence day mexico flags and decorations

At the beginning of September, we can start to see decorations in the different public squares and government buildings, as well as in and around houses. In the streets are found small carts full of flags and decorations for the special day. They are all green, white, and red. In the markets, we can find decorations for our houses, as well as the ingredients and supplies to prepare a typical meal for Mexican Night.

independence day mexican food

The celebration begins on September 15th, and the food for dinner begins to be prepared in every house. Typical dishes served are: Pozole, tostadas, pambazos, and sopes and will be eagerly devoured by family and friends. The houses are decorated with garlands, flags, hats and rebozos (a long scarf that covers the head and shoulders). Also, everyone dresses up or wears something Mexican with traditional colors.

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla's "El Grito de Dolores"

In the public squares, there are activities held days before this event., On this day people can go look at how the zócalo is decorated, eat typical street food, and buy handicrafts. Late at night, the zocalo will begin to fill with people, so that later, just at midnight, the “El Grito” takes place. This is the main act that symbolically represents the moment when the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Father of the Nation, calls the population of the town of Dolores, in the state of Guanajuato, to take up arms against the Viceroyalty. This happened just after the liberation plans made by a group of independentistas were discovered by the authorities.

Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador shouting for Independence Day

The president of each locality shouts the names of the heroes of the country from the balcony of the government palace and in unison, the multitude of people answer by shouting: Viva Mexico! At the end of shouting that three times, the bell is rung, symbolizing what the priest Miguel Hidalgo did that night, and then a fireworks display begins.

The rest of the night and early morning is full of celebration, Mexican music, mariachis, fireworks, parties, and delicious food.

independence day mexico celebration

The celebration of Independence in Mexico is quite the event, and is unique in the world. It is a special day that fills every Mexican with happiness and joy – whether they are in Mexico or somewhere else in the world.

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