Frequency Adverbs with Zahra's Routine

Zahra is 48 years old and she began studying Spanish at Spoken Learning at the beginning of 2023. After just three months, she fluently tells us about her daily routine in Spanish, using the present indicative tense and adverbs of frequency.

The present indicative helps us to relate actions that occur at the moment of speaking and we also use it to express routines, and the adverbs of frequency are words that help us to relate how often we perform an action. These words can be: always, every day, on weekends, usually, sometimes, rarely, never, etc.


Zahra's Daily Routine

Every day, I wake up at 7:00 am.

I usually drink coffee with milk, but I don’t eat breakfast.

Monday through Friday, I drop my son off at school.


woman working

I start work at 9:30 at home.

I always eat at 12:00 pm.

Normally, I work until 5 pm.


reading a book

Sometimes, I go for a walk in the afternoon.

Before going to bed, I read with my son. Finally, I fall asleep at 10 pm.

 woman cooking pasta

On the weekends, I usually cook.

Sometimes we dine in a restaurant.

Every Wednesday, I study Spanish with Aura.

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